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Underwater Photo Contest 2014 Winners

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Typical Friday night with friends

Typical Friday night with friends

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1:30am and NOW I’m leaving the house to go out.

I’m sorting through my photos and drinking some beer, I hope to finally upload some of these to tumblr this weekend. I’m so behind on this stuff it’s ridiculous. 


I’m sorting through my photos and drinking some beer, I hope to finally upload some of these to tumblr this weekend. I’m so behind on this stuff it’s ridiculous.


National Geographic Editor Pamela Chen Shares Her Journey Into Photography

Campfires on Steroids: Photos of Weapons-Grade Explosives Bursting into Flames by Paris-based artist Alain Declercq

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A Stunning Testament to the Life and Work of Chris Hondros

A collection of photographs and writing by the late photojournalist Chris Hondros titled Testament, published by PowerHouse Books, has been released nearly three years after Hondros was killed while on assignment in Libya.Testament includes a significant amount of Hondros’ work covering conflicts around the world beginning in the late 1990s, including those in Africa and the Middle East.

Sandy Ciric, director of photography for U.S. news at Getty Images, worked with Hondros at Getty for 11 years, predominately as his editor. She also editedTestament along with Pancho Bernasconi and Christina Piaia. She said it was a challenging endeavor. “We really wanted to channel Chris’ voice and his incredible storytelling abilities, both through his photos and his writing,” Ciric wrote via email. “We also knew which images were important to him, and we had to balance that desire to include all of those with the need to keep the flow and pacing of the book on track.”

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Of course I had to update that wifi post with an appropriate gif

Surreal Photos of the Tatio Geyser Field in Chile by Owen Perry

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So I decided to buy a new Airport Extreme because my old one seemed to be crapping out on me and gave me trouble the last several weeks. Now I’m using the old Extreme along with my Airport Express, which I already had, to extend my network around the house even further.

Some may call this overkill but my WiFi is flllyyyyyyying right now I love it.

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Andreas Franke’s Haunting And Surreal Series Imagines Underwater Shipwrecks Full of Life

Austrian photographer and diver Andreas Franke has created a hauntingly beautiful series of images called “The Sinking World” in which he layers studio photographs over underwater ship wrecks. In 2009, the USS Vandenberg was lowered into the ocean off the coast of Florida to serve as an artificial reef. When Franke encountered the ship while diving, he was inspired by the vessel’s haunting emptiness. For the Vandenberg project, Franke superimposes photographs of recognizable, everyday scenes; the studio figures appear ghostly, as if they are re-enacting scenes that previously took place in a lively atmosphere. The empty ship becomes a site that reveals snapshots of a lost, surreal world, discovering the humanity that lurks among the ships hallways, passages, and decks. Franke creates an unexpected dream world where a viewer is pulled into a strange, new, and fantastical place.

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A Look at The Unknown and Controversial Photography Career of Lewis Carroll

He’s known as the author behind the famed Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by most, but the breadth of his disciplines goes far beyond literature. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, more commonly known by his pen name, Lewis Carroll, was also a logician, mathematician, an ordained minister and a photographer… yes, a photographer.

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Fried Cadbury Eggs

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