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Hill country

Hill country

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Digital, Dynamic Make-Up Now Possible with Real-Time Face Tracking and Projections

Make-up can be a pain on photo shoots, can’t it? Well, imagine if you didn’t need make-up on a shoot to alter the look of a model’s skin. Now stop imagining, because it’s a reality, thanks to this interesting real-time face tracking and projection mapping technology.

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Selfie Stick’ Takes Rooftopping Self-Portraits to the Next Level of Crazy

Selfie Stick’ Takes Rooftopping Self-Portraits to the Next Level of Crazy

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Aerial Refuel

Aerial Refuel

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Rene Mesman

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Woman Shocked After Finding a Photograph of Herself Used as Cigarette Box Warning Labels

According to reports from Mexican news outlets, a woman named Soledad Félix has filed an official complaints with the Juárez City Human Rights Commission after finding a photo of herself being used as a warning label for packs of cigarettes. The picture was taken while she was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack, and was used — without her knowledge or permission — by a number of tobacco companies as part of their mandated warning against the use of tobacco.

To preface the situation, in many parts of the world, it is a required for tobacco companies to include rather gruesome photographs on their packaging in order to graphically persuade tobacco users to stop their unhealthy habit.

Although the photo of Félix has been used by tobacco companies such as Fortuna and Marlboro, it’s the Ministry of Health that’s taking the heat — they’re the ones that actually obtain and distribute the required images.

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Pasung: Punished by the Gods | Christian Werner

Bali is a tropical vacation paradise. It hosts 3+ million foreign visitors per year. In 2010, the magazine Travel and Leisure named it the Best Island in the World. But there is a dark side to Bali that few tourists ever see. People with mental illness are chained and locked up by their family members, often in shocking conditions. 

From a total population of 253 million, approximately 20 million people in Indonesia have mental illness. Because mental illness remains associated with evil—or even demon possession—the sick are chained and kept deep in the jungle or forest, far away from human contact.

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Jewels | Miki Hasegawa

My latest work explores the idea of maternal love. Is maternal love something all women possess? Do all women display maternal love when they bear a child? My maternal love changes its face ever minute. Sometimes it shows warm and selfless love—and then quickly changes to cold and possessing obsession. 

What is maternal love all about? When my daughter was sleeping, it was my daily routine to check often to make sure that she was breathing. The fear of losing her haunted me persistently. 

Perhaps it’s because of my difficult pregnancy. I experienced bleeding during the eighth week of my pregnancy, was hospitalized three times, and was eventually strapped to bed for ten months. She was delivered by Caesarean section. I never saw the umbilical cord that connected me to my daughter. 

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how much are those??? I have a bunch of cameras I should get rid of.

Too much, I usually spend maybe 30-70 dollars on these antique cameras but they’re selling here for around 150$. Too rich for my blood.

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