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About Yours Truly

Hey! how’s it going? I’m terrible at writing crap like this and I can’t stand talking about myself but I figured I should introduce myself to all of you.

My name is Bobby, I’m 33, born & raised in Queens,NY

I like the following:

I am in love with photography, Although I would never call myself a Pro. This blog is mostly more personal stuff, I post all my photos on my blog over at which so happens to be a Tumblr blog, so go ahead and follow that if you’d like. My main Photography website is at I also sell my photos on Etsy if you feel so inclined as to make a purchase. *wink* *wink*. Also you can find me on flickr:

I also run, This is a pet project of mine. Check it out if you’re interested. You are more than welcome to participate.

I love music. Mostly Rock,Punk,Indie,Pop. I’m always open to hear new stuff so please, send me some recommendations. I also dabble in Country,Rap & Hip Hop. Mostly older stuff. I am a sucker for Top 40 Pop Music. Those crazy hooks get me every time. 

You can check out my &

Who doesn’t like food, seriously? I have a strange habit of photographing the food I eat, I mean who doesn’t right?. I’m willing to try anything at least once, and I do travel quite a bit, so it can get interesting at times. I do have a separate blog for all my food photos.

I’m heavily interested in current events & politics. So if that doesn’t interest you, you may hate me.

Also blog about the following:

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to shove something in my askhole.

And just in case ya’ll are into this sort of thing:

You can find me at the following:

And I think that’s about it.

Go and follow and like and do whatever the hell you do on these.

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