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World Press Photo Winner Had to Sell His Camera Last Year to Survive

26-year-old freelance photojournalist Daniel Rodrigues landed the biggest ‘win’ of his photographic career this year when it was announced that his photo Football in Guinea-bissau (shown above) had won 1st prize in the prestigious World Press Photocompetition’s Daily Life category.

The win was more than a fancy new line on his resume: you see, just two years ago Rodrigues was flat broke, and this award will allow him to resume the career that he almost had to abandon to survive.

The Porto, Portugal-based photographer graduated from the Portuguese Institute of Photography back in 2010 and found an internship at the newspaper Correio da Manhã and a job with the agency Global Imagens.

When finding a suitable job in Portugal didn’t pan out, Rodrigues decided to volunteer with a humanitarian aid organization called Missão Dulombi starting in March 2012. That role would soon take him to the West African country to Guinea Bissau, where he would help reconstruct a school and hospital that were in bad shape.

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