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Photographer Captures Rain Using Only Photo Paper and Light

What you see here is artwork showing the rain of Hawaii and Northern California. It’s from photographer Klea McKenna‘s project, “Rain Studies,” and shows what rain looks like when you capture it with photo paper and light, rather than a traditional camera.

The pieces are photograms, which are images created directly onto photo-sensitive paper without the use of a camera. You expose an image onto the paper by placing various subjects on/over the paper, and then develop the paper as you would with any other piece of photo paper exposed in the darkroom.

We featured a similar project earlier this year: you may remember Caleb Charland’s beautiful experiments with creating photogram art using a dripping candle.

Each of McKenna’s 20×24-inch gelatin silver photograms was created using a simple list of ingredients: rain, paper, and light. It took McKenna “ages of working outdoors at night before she eventually developed her technique for capturing the rain patters just right.

McKenna tells us that the process is still very “hit or miss” due to the fact that “there are just so many subtle variables with the light, the conditions, and the rain itself.”

The project started while she was visiting a childhood home on the big island of Hawaii, and earlier pieces in the series document the heavy tropical rain seen in that state. Later in the series, McKenna started working with the lighter spring rain seen in Northern California.

“Every storm looks different,” she tells us, and the project is “another way to perceive the feeling of a place, through its imprint, its form and abstraction.”

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