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Iwan Baan wins best magazine cover of 2012

Famed Amsterdam-based photographer iwan baan has just been announced the winner for the best magazine cover of 2012 for his post hurricane sandy image of new york taken from a helicopter. the image, showing the partial aftermath of half blacked-out manhattan island, was featured as the cover of the ‘the city and the storm’ issue of new york magazine. a series of events lined up perfectly that night to enable him to get in the air to shoot close to 2,500 images.

 Baan describes the scenario: 

'I started to call around the pilots that I usually use, but they were already out of gas or power or on a rescue mission, so none of them could help. I finally found one about an hour and a half drive away in Long Island, but they said they only accepted cash because the hangar didn’t have power. luckily, I had also gone to the ATM before the storm and I had enough cash with me, so it all lined up perfectly.’

 Read the full story behind the photograph in New York Magazine here.


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