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Adventures in Tokyo

In late 2011, photographer Ture Lillegraven traveled to Tokyo with captains of their industries – comedian Aziz Ansari, chef David Chang, musician/producer James Murphy and GQ writer Brett Martin. Avid Twitter-user Ansari posted that he and his pals should go to Tokyo with the caveat that someone else should pay for it. GQ answered, and obliged. The photographic result was a smattering of energetic, fun and colorful Lillegraven images. It’s safe to say they had a good time. Lillegraven compiled outtakes from the Tokyo shoot in a promo book he sent out earlier this year, simply called “TURE: Three Photographic Projects from Ture Lillegraven” that included this adventure, Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon photographed in rural Wisconsin and the band Milo Greene shot in Big Sur, California.

Aziz Ansari is currently on tour. Check him out tonight at the Palace Theatre in Albany, NY.


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