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Abandoned Elevator Shaft Hides Secret Museum in NYC

Camouflaged amongst the dramatic skyscrapers and cosmopolitan locales of New York City lies an inconspicuous urban alleyway with a secret. tucked away inside the ground floor of an abandoned elevator shaft is a museum, a one-room exhibition space packed with an assemblage of unconventional artifacts and found objects housed behind heavy, unmarked metal doors.

The elevator museum showcases elements of everyday life, from tips jars and newsstand paper weights to toothpaste tubes from around the world and papers accidentally left behind in copy machines.

Museum founders Alex Kalman, and brothers Benny and Josh Safdie of red bucket films want museum to relay the intimate stories behind strange, colloquial items, finding beauty in absurdity. they are most attracted to objects that have a human history of problem solving, that have come up with a unique way to overcome a lack of resource, and have creatively combated challenge. currently in it’s second season, the eclectic treasures exhibited chronicle the eccentricities of humanity — a selection of objects crafted by prisoners, plastic vomit from around the world, an assortment of tip jars from various venues and, part of it’s permanent collection, the shoe that was hurled at george w. bush during a press conference in 2008. museum documents everyday human history, a quiet reminder that art is everywhere.

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