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A Photographer Focuses on His Twin Brother’s Life With Cerebral Palsy

Christopher Capozziello’s “The Distance Between Us” is a poignant examination of the life of Capozziello’s fraternal twin brother, Nick, who hascerebral palsy.

Capozziello has been photographing Nick for 13 years and has a Kickstarter campaign (through Sunday) to help fund the publication of his book of the same title in November by Edition Lammerhuber. In the book, Capozziello addresses the shame and guilt he’s felt at being able to lead a “normal” life, free of the suffering his brother has endured. “There are moments I struggle with photographing and including in the book, and sharing in general,” Capozziello wrote via email. “Eventually, I came to a place where it was obvious that I needed to tell this story.”

Photographing Nick during periods of happiness—hanging out at a local bar or shooting hoops—was easy, but telling parts of Nick’s story, including a painful surgery and recovery to try to alleviate cramps, were more complicated  and forced Capozziello to question his ideas of both photography and the project. “It seemed wrong to make so many pictures of him hurting, and many times, I wanted to put the camera down and look away,” Capozziello said. “Those are the images I have the hardest time sharing—pictures where he’s all twisted up, unable to communicate or move on his own—pictures where he looks so defenseless and vulnerable. I share those images because it’s part of his experience, but it’s not at all comfortable.”

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