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The 11 best street foods worth blowing your diet over

You’re on holiday abroad exploring a local market. Suddenly an enticing aroma encircles you and makes you turn your head to find the source. There’s a long queue of hungry people looking jealously at people walking away munching on something delicious-looking. What are they eating? Maybe you should go investigate and try one for yourself?

But you’re on a diet. You can’t. You shouldn’t. You swore you wouldn’t, so don’t even look.

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OK, Seriously, Who goes on vacation and won’t eat something because they are on a diet. I mean, COME THE FUCK ON, REALLY? you’re on vacation, in a totally different country no less, and your going to pass something up because you’re worried about your DIET?! If that’s the case you don’t deserve to be travelling. I’m revoking your passport. Go the fuck home.

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