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Rare Deep Sea Creature Caught on Camera

Caught on the Hercules’ camera was this rare siphonophore. The Siphonophorae (or Siphonophora, the siphonophores), are an order of the Hydrozoa, a class of marine animals belonging to the phylum Cnidaria. Although a siphonophore appears to be a single organism, each specimen is actually a colony composed of many individual animals. Most colonies are long, thin, transparent pelagic floaters. Some siphonophores superficially resemble jellyfish. The best known species is the dangerous Portuguese man o’ war (Physalia physalis). 

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Cameras Don’t Break Rules, People Break Rules

A portrait session that results in the death of the subject should be called a failure.

As reported by the Salt Lake Tribune, a group of photographers and onlookers experienced precisely that level of catastrophic botchery last week in Grand Teton National Park when crowding too close to a moose (not a good idea).

The moose, already agitated by the presence of a nearby bull moose, was scared by the approaching park-visitors and bolted before stumbling over a picnic table and landing on a fire grate. With its hoof caught in the grate, the half-ton animal collapsed and broke its leg so badly that park rangers were forced to put it down.

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Rare Footage of a Spotted Moray Eel Befriending a Diver

World renowned marine conservationist and scuba diving pioneer Valerie Taylor talks with the Central Florida Aquarium Society about her special friendship with a spotted moray eel.

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Heartwarming Video of a Lioness Excitedly Hugging the Man Who Rescued Her

On a recent visit to the Modisa Wildlife Project near Maun, Botswana, traveller John Hawkins captured this heartwarming footage that shows the incredible bond between a lioness and her rescuer. In the video, Sirga can be seen eagerly pacing back and forth behind a fence as the man, Valentin Gruener, unlocks the gate. Once the gate is opened, the 110-pound lioness jumps onto Gruener—for a cuddly, full-body embrace! Sirga clearly displays her affection for the man, rubbing noses with him during the hug and even laying across his lap on the ground. What an amazing friendship!

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Inquisitive Bull Photobombs Couple’s Wedding Photos

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Robin Schwartz Magical Photographs Of Her Daughter With Animals Spanning 12 Years


50 whales may be a new (and very endangered) speciesGenetic testing suggests Bryde’s whales in the Gulf of Mexico might actually be a unique species. If so, they would be the most endangered whales on Earth, prompting a new petition for U.S. protection.


50 whales may be a new (and very endangered) species
Genetic testing suggests Bryde’s whales in the Gulf of Mexico might actually be a unique species. If so, they would be the most endangered whales on Earth, prompting a new petition for U.S. protection.

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Competitive Animals and the People Who Handle Them

The first time Toby Coulson saw an animal show—a competition where breeders show off their best specimens and judges “examine each paw, claw, beak, and ear looking for the animal with the perfect dimensions”—he was struck by the people in white coats who handled the animals.

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Photos Tell the Sad Story of Stray Dogs Dumped at ‘Dead Dog Beach’ in Puerto Rico

There are 250,000 stray dogs in Puerto Rico. Many of these dogs have been dumped at Dead Dog Beach, an isolated area located on the South-East coast. Locals call the strays ‘satos,’ and view them as a nuisance. Sadly, the dogs here live out their short lives filled with neglect and abuse. Photographer Sophie Gamand has travelled to Dead Dog Beach multiple times over a year and a half with Chrissy Beckles, founder of The Sato Project, an organization that provides food, fresh water, vet care and seeks to find new homes for these animals in New York. Gamand documents her experiences here in an attempt to raise awareness of the abuse and suffering of these neglected ‘satos.’

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The Wild Birds of Australia

When Sydney-based photographer Leila Jeffreys was a child, she was surrounded by wildlife of all sorts growing up in Papua New Guinea, Australia, and India. While living in Australia, she and her father would often come across birds and other wildlife which they would rescue and nurse back to health before re-releasing them into the wild.

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Hilarious Photos Capture the Complex Emotions of the Wet Dog

Few animals are quite so human in their expression as dogs. If you doubt that at all, check out Sophie Gamand’s photos of canines being bathed. These hilarious and expressive pictures reveal many of the same emotions—anger, humiliation, joy—you see in human faces, underscoring the unique bond we share with our four-legged friends.

“To me, dogs are so much more than animals these days,” Gamand says. “They are somewhere between humans and animals because they’ve learned to how to communicate with us at a much different level.”

Dogs have been Gamand’s primary subject for years. She became fascinated with the way Americans, particularly New  Yorkers, treat their dogs. Gamand, who is French, had never before seen canines primped for fashion shows or toted about in bags and strollers. She was utterly fascinated by the obsession some people have for their dogs.

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Four Ancient Animals That are Older than Trees

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50 Years of Wildlife Photographer of the Year – in pictures

Natural History Museum’s new book released on Wednesday marks five decades of the WPY competition, celebrating the art of wildlife photography. Started in the 1960s, the 160 prize-winning and commended images represent 50 years of different times, styles and specialisms – showcasing some of the iconic images of wildlife on planet Earth, part of an exhibition in London from 24 October 

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Neko Land | Cats in Japan

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Wedding Photographer Uses Herd of Grazing Deer as Magical Portrait Backdrop

Wedding Photographer Uses Herd of Grazing Deer as Magical Portrait Backdrop