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If a Deer Starts Licking Your Camera Lens, You’re Probably a Little Too Close

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This Cat Skateboards Better Than I Do

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Brave Mother Protects Her Calf from a Pride of Lions

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Alvarez Diestro Captures the Essence of Cairo’s Pigeon Farming Towers

After living in Cairo, Egypt, for several years, Manuel Alvarez Diestro had the opportunity the photograph the wooden towers devoted to pigeon farming. In recent years throughout the country, the domestication of the animals has increased to serve the hobbies of the citizens. With the pastime, they are able to command flocks of birds to soar through the sky in patterns and formations through the use of flags and whistles. These actions have called the programmatic need for spaces of high altitudes, preventing any interruption from occurring within the daily activities of the streets below. 

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Kayak Gets Lifted Out of Water by Huge Whale

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Paintings by Donald Roller Wilson

Looking at these paintings will leave you scratching your head trying to make sense of them but they are nonetheless well executed and to read his statement about them is really hilarious.

Ok, upon viewing this body of current, transitional paintings, you will begin to experience an ever-increasing apparition, one usually occurring during passover, of the holy virgin—the imperial mother of the universe—appearing before the nut farm creatures, frequently in disguise as a house fly, or a general electric refrigerator which has become lodged in the top of a tall pecan tree—with her door open, the light on, giving support to a whole, spiral-cut, honey-roast picnic ham resting on her third shelf up from the bottom. And while the “apparition” scares the holy s—- out of most of the children – naughty betty, in her own way, understands the sightings, and becomes “semi-dangerously” activated, and motivated by them… 

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The Incredible Story of a Group of Orphans and Their Adopted Dogs

While visiting Bangladesh, photographer Sam Edmonds met the boys through Obhoyaronno, an NGO committed to changing the wide-spread and horrific killing of street dogs that persists across the region. Dedicated to humane treatment, Obhoyaronno saves lives by spaying, neutering, and vaccinating animals before returning them to the exact location in which they were found. Among these are the the ten dogs living with the boys in Robindra, each bearing a small tear in the ear to signify that they are uninfected with rabies.

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This Kitten is About to See Himself in a Mirror for the Very First Time

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Photo Series Captures Colorful Moments In Spanish Painted Pigeon Racing

Published in 2011, Ricardo Cases‘s stunning photo book Paloma al Aire (Pigeons In the Air)depicts colorful and unusual moments from a unique form of pigeon racing that takes place in Valencia and Murcia, Spain. This “sport” involves the release of one female pigeon and dozens of painted male pigeons – the winner of the “race” is decided by how much time the male spends with the female. Each male pigeon is painted by his owner, in much the same way color is used to distinguish teams. The pigeons’ breeders, mostly older retired men, invest lots of time and money into their birds – some of the pigeons are worth thousands of euros in addition to the amounts placed during bets on these flighty contestants. 

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How do you capture a great white shark? With a wide-angle lens, actually

Sharks have roamed the Earth’s seas for nearly 400 million years, and are of the oldest species. Their size, power, and teeth fill us with fear and fascination, which explains the celebration of (and obsession with) the species in movies like Jaws, in all-week TV binging on the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, in absurd low-budget sci-fi flicks like Sharknado.

While often portrayed as underwater killers, statistically, only a few people die each year from shark attacks. Many sharks aren’t actually dangerous; some are even facing extinction at the hands of humans. Yet most of us are terrified to swim near one.

Which is why shark photography can be a challenging subject, but for underwater photographers who aren’t afraid to get close, the reward of capturing a moment with one of the world’s most formidable ocean creatures can be well worth the danger involved. And photographing sharks isn’t just for pros anymore; amateurs can also capture them in supervised dive expeditions held all around the world.

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Florida’s Manatees: The Search for Warmer Water

Spending the day perched 90 feet above ground is not what one thinks of when photographing manatees, but that is what my partner, photographer Paul Nicklen, and I ended up doing in March of 2011. Manatees and humans are in a tug of war over fresh water. Our assignment was to visualize the complex and often conflictive dynamics between boaters, swimmers, homeowners, federal authorities and the manatees that overwinter at the Three Sisters Springs in Florida’s Crystal River.

With over 1,500 golf courses, a large industrial agriculture infrastructure, and more than 3 million lawns, Florida demands a lot of fresh water. As more water is diverted from the springs to feed this insatiable thirst, the warm water of the springs stops flowing and is replaced by much colder seawater. For the manatees these warm waters are not optional, but a vital refuge where they rest, nurse their calves and most importantly, stay warm during the cold winter months when they come in from the ocean and coastal flats. Their presence is welcomed by the operators of the fast-growing “swim with the manatees business” but reviled by many home and boat owners who have to obey strict speed limits to avoid collisions with these gentle mammals.

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Skin | Yusuke Sakai

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Enchanting Photos Portray a Fantasyland of Children and Wild Animals

For Animal Visions, photographer Tom Chambers explores the uncanny bond between human and animal. Drawing on his childhood experiences on a family farm in Pennsylvania, he constructs an enchanting world wherein small children and great, gentle beasts revel together in wondrous imagination. Museums and villas shot in Italy and plush Virginian landscapes serve as the sumptuous backdrops for these hallucinogenic narratives, where the animals, originally photographed in zoos around Washington DC and Virginia, are composited. Each component, captured on film, is meticulously melded together digitally, creating a resplendent tactile richness.

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There were jellyfish in the water just under the surface, hundreds of them. And I didn’t even drop my phone in the water trying to take these close ups!

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This Dog Has No Idea What to Make of This Egg

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