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Drone Gets Too Close to Ram, Ram Knocks Down Drone and Chases Down Photographer

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Photographing the Rare and Elusive ‘Spirit Bear’

Dog Runs as Fast as He Can to Jump Into the Water

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Dog Wears Spider Costume at Night, Scares the Crap Out of Everyone

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Prairie Dog Stuck in Its Own Hole Gets Rescued by Passing Motorists

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Do You Think This Wallpaper Goes With My Feathers?

While searching for a toucan in New Jersey for a commercial photo shoot, Claire Rosen stumbled upon Bird Paradise, billed as the world’s largest exotic bird superstore. It turned out they did have a smallish toucan, but it was reported to be a bit cranky and uncooperative, so they recommended Rosen come to the store for a visit to see if the bird would be suitable for the shoot.

What she discovered at the superstore would end up inspiring her series “Birds of a Feather,” a whimsical series of portraits of exotic birds photographed with graphic wallpaper as backgrounds. 

“They had so many birds and they were amazing,” Rosen said. “I really wanted to photograph them and not on black and white; I thought wallpaper would be better.”

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Underwater Photos of Puppies Diving Into Water by Seth Casteel

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St. Bernard Meets a Kitten, Adorableness Ensues

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Reuters photographer Daniel Munoz captured these impressive photos of fields covered by millions of spider webs near the town of Wagga Wagga in Australia. In March 2012 Australia endured several days of torrential rain, apparently the spiders were trying to get away from the rising waters

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Portraits of Furry and Feathered Creatures with Their Backs to the Camera

Elisa Noguera Lopez is a London artist whose photographs feature objects and living things stripped of instrumentality, functionality, and identity. These objects sometimes include animals, amorphous rodents obscured from behind and chickens with their heads cut off, so to speak, the choice of textiles in the background standing in for nature. I love the bizarre, off-putting qualities of the photographs.

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Gold Mine Of Mysterious,Beautiful, And Bizarre Google Maps Images Curated By Jon Rafman

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Camera Captures Dog on Car Ride with Sunroof Open

Someone mounted a camera on their car roof and recorded their dog as they went for a drive. It’s as if you’re there feeling the breeze withPilly, a beautiful Weimaraner that clearly loves the sensation of wind in his face.

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The Amazing Animals That Only Come Out at Night

Traer Scott’s idea to photograph nocturnal animals came, appropriately, just after midnight. It was a summer night, and the sight of moths flying near her porch lights set her mind to “transformation and nightfall, to predators and prey, and then to the bats who eat the moths,” as she wrote in the introduction to her book, Nocturne (Princeton Architectural Press).

Soon enough, Scott, a photographer who previously turned her lens to newborn puppieswild horses, and street dogs, began reaching out to friends and contacts in the animal community in search of nocturnal animals to photograph. She even raised moths at her home for the project. “I felt very beholden to these fragile and beautiful little creatures that we brought into the world and wanted to make their fleeting lives fulfilling in some way,” she wrote.

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These Were the First Wildlife Photographs Published in National Geographic

Did you know that after National Geographic published its first wildlife photographs in July 1906, two of the National Geographic Society board members “resigned in disgust“? They argued that the reputable magazine was “turning into a ‘picture book’”.

Luckily for us, it did turn out to become quite a picture book. Those first wildlife photos published in the magazine were captured by George Shiras, III, and marked quite a few “firsts.”

Shiras was a lawyer and politician by day — a U.S. Representative from the state of Pennsylvania — and a pioneering photographer by night (literally!). His nighttime photographs of animals represent some of the earliest examples of flash photography.

To achieve his shots, Shiras pioneered a number of different photo-making methods. One was to float silently across water in complete darkness. When he heard rustling nearby, he would point his camera system and snap a flash photograph in that direction.

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These Close-Up Shots of Tropical Bugs Are Beautifully Frightening

Upon seeing Yudy Sauw’s extreme close-ups of insects, you might think he is an entomologist who collects rare specimens from around the world and photographs them with expensive lab equipment.

Turns out he’s a 34-year-old who owns a building supply company in Tangerang, Indonesia. He found these bugs, all of which are quite common in Indonesia, in his yard, often in the garden. His gear is no less common. None of this, however, detracts from the fact that he makes gorgeous, intriguing photos we want to hang on the wall.

“I like bugs and it’s just a hobby,” Sauw says.

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