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Vitaliy and Elena Vasilieva Visualize an Architectural Apocalypse

Ukrainian photographers Vitaliy and Elena Vasilieva have visualized ‘apocalypse in art’, a series which builds upon the morbid and wide-sweeping contemporary fascination in catastrophe and disaster, particularly theories regarding the end of the world. The spirit of Armageddon ‘holds sway over modern culture and slowly infects everything around us’ describes the artists ‘how will this virus affect art? will there still be a place for an art in society?’

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Optical Illusions Created with Everyday Object by Dudi Ben Simon

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Iveta Vaivode’s “Somewhere on a Disappearing Path”

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Cosmic GIFs Remind Us We’re All Made of Stars

One of famed astronomer Carl Sagan’s most powerful sayings was, “we are made of star stuff.” He was referring to the fact that the basic elements making up everything on our planet, including we humans, were forged in the bellies of ancient stars.

This notion of connectivity is the basis for photographer Ignacio Torres’s series of GIFs titled Stellar. Through four-frame animations, which show humans twirling among their own little clusters of stars and galaxies, Torres aims to express our ineffable link to the cosmos.

“I think people immediately grasp it, the concept of being made from stars,” says Torres. “I chose to conceal the subjects’ faces so people kind of see themselves in the imagery.”

The project is a simple expression of a vast and humbling thought. Early stars burning many billions of years ago acted as giant furnaces that fused atoms together to form heavier elements, like helium and carbon. These elements were ejected into the universe when the stars inevitably collapsed and exploded, eventually coalescing into the basic matter that now makes up our bodies and every thing around us. It’s a reminder that we’re all part of the same cosmic lineage.

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Turning Garbage Into Art Is This Photographer’s Life’s Work

Time does funny things to a lot of photographs. Rather than give them a sense of nostalgia, time too often makes them look silly. Open a magazine from, say, 1975 and look at the advertisements. Odds are the photographs are horribly outdated and what was once desirable and cool is now passé, even laughable.

Photographer Sara Cwynar focuses on this transformation with her complex compositions, which show every photograph has an arc. The moment the photo captures might be frozen in time, but the world around that moment moves forward and inevitably changes the meaning.

“I’m looking at how images that were once the height of style have become obsolete with time,” says Cwynar, 28. “And how they are drained of their value and importance as time passes.”

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Solitary Figures Wander Through Dreamlike Landscapes

Solitary figures wander through vast, dreamlike worlds in artist Kasia Derwinska's striking images. Derwinska, who is currently based in Spain, combines photography and digital manipulation to create surreal works of art that seem to act as metaphors for life, expressing themes like loneliness, isolation, separation, reflection, and joy.

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Fred Tomaselli

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Nocturnal Trail Through Illuminated Forest Becomes Magically Immersive Experience

Montreal-based studio Moment Factory has transformed Quebec’s Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook into Foresta Lumina, an illuminated nocturnal trail through the enchanted forest. After nightfall from now until mid-October, visitors to the park are invited to take a magical stroll through the woods on an immersive, storybook-like adventure.

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Delicately Layered Food Art Depicts Eastern European Cities by Food stylist Anna Keville Joyce and photographer Agustín Nieto

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CouplePeter Sedlacik and Zuzu Galova,Travel the World and Photograph Each Other from Opposite Viewpoints

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Marilyn Myller: A New Stop-Motion Animation Made with Styrofoam Puppets and Long-Exposure Light Effects by Mikey Please

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Rachel Hulin’s Wistful Photographs of Motherhood

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Gaza Artist Turns Israeli Air Strike Smoke into Powerful Sketches

As the world looks on with horror at the growing civilian toll in Gaza, and Hamas and Israel consider the terms of a U.S.-proposed ceasefire, one young Palestinian architect is responding to the crisis through art. Gaza-based Tawfik Gebreel aims to send a message, in the “universal humanitarian language understood by all peoples of the world.” He is using photos of the smoke thrown up by rocket strikes and reworking the images with symbols of hope and unity.

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Beautifully Surreal Self-Portraits by Yutha Yamanaka Explore Darkly Mysterious World

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Textures of Time | Julien Palast

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