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Intimate Photographs Of Young Women Capture Private Beauty Routines

In Rituals, the photographer Noorann Matties catalogs the strange, mystical moments between woman and mirror, capturing young ladies in private moments of self-preparation and styling. As her subjects stand barefaced before public and private mirrors, work in eyebrow pencil, lipgloss, and mascara, seemingly memorized by and in poignant discovery of their own features.

Shooting many of the women from behind so as to capture the self in dialogue her reflection, Matties seemingly preserves the innocence of the experience, allowing the girls to engage with themselves undisturbed and unaware of onlookers. These sacred rituals, haloed in early morning sunlight and fluorescent lightbulbs, celebrate the quiet moments before the start of the day. In the instant before her subjects present their faces to the public, Matties stops the clock, preserving the beautiful self-absorption afforded by secrecy.

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From Ordinary Life, Extraordinary Images

Chang Chao-Tang hardly suspected that he would grow up to become one of Taiwan’s most important photographers — in fact, he had such little regard for this kind of future that he did not even bother to save his negatives. Yet half a century later, these images have been in major exhibitions, including one that opens this week at the Gallery Tosei in Japan

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The Family Album: Past and Present

Brooklyn-born and New York City-based photographer and educator Jerry Vezzuso explores the “juxtaposition between past and present photography through the traditional practices of the family album” in his project “Table of Contents.” The work is currently showing at United Photo Industries (UPI) in Brooklyn through May 24, 2014. Creative director of UPI, Sam Barzilay, says Vezzuso’s exhibition “presents work that spans more than 60 years through the use of his own photography as well as photos drawn from family albums, in a personal exploration that focuses on his parents, the dining table, and his own mortality. Jerry is one of the most fascinating individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with and knowing in my time in New York and I am very excited to be hosting a personal retrospective of his life (if not his life’s work), but I think this is a work best seen, rather than explained.”

Vezzuso formerly printed for Philip Lorca DiCorcia, Gregory Crewdson, and Nan Goldin to name a few. He currently teaches at the School of Visual Arts (SVA), Teachers College and Columbia University, and is a co-founder of the Tierney Fellowship in photography.

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The ‘One-Dog PolicyPhotos Series Looks at Lonely Canines

If ever there is a presence imbued with the spirit of our homes, it would be our pets. Photographer Maija Astikainen draws a portrait of the furry lords of the urban domicile in her series One-Dog Policy. 

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"The stuff of thought is the seed of the artist. Dreams form the bristles of the artist’s brush. As the eye functions as the brain’s sentry, I communicate my innermost perceptions through the art, my worldview."

Arshile Gorky

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Portraits of Baltimore’s Voguers 

Since its birth in the New York ballroom scene of the 1960s, voguing has made a few notable entrées into mainstream culture, such as Madonna’s song “Vogue” and the 1990 documentary Paris Is Burning. But French artist Frédéric Nauczyciel’s portraits of modern voguers highlight the ballroom scene’s continued relevance as an underground culture, one that serves as a platform for self-expression for queer people of color in urban communities across the globe.

Nauczyciel was in Baltimore on a grant from the French government in 2011 when he stumbled across some voguers performing in a parking lot. He posted photos of the event to Facebook and quickly found himself flooded with new connections in the ballroom scene. “Before that, I had maybe 50 friends on Facebook. Suddenly I ended up having 200 friends—voguers from Baltimore and New York,” he said.

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Zoetrope | Yasuteru Kasano

Ukrainian nature photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko has created this macro photo series in which he has documented the snails in their natural environment

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Surreal Photos of A Frozen Venice

Art director Robert Jahns has created a series of surrealistic photos of Venice by combining photos of Italy by Luis Manuel Osorio Fernando with photos of frozen lakes in Russia by Daniel Kordan. Robert Jahns wanted to show how the Venice Canal would look like if it was frozen by the winter.

Beautiful Paintings of New York City by Jeremy Mann

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Jump | Victoire Le Tarnec

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Mobile Lovers” |  Banksy

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Senior Citizens Reveal What Tattoos Look Like on Aging Skin

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Andy  1965


Andy  1965

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Some of the Earliest Polaroids Ever Created 

LIFE has published a gallery of Polaroid pictures by photographer Co Rentmeester, who was given access to a first-generation SX-70 before the camera went on sale to the general public.

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