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Mixed Media by Nick Gentry

New paintings on floppy disks which are considered obsolete media and no longer in use as well as portraits created out of vintage film negatives, x-rays, and microfilm. The result is an archaeological display of digital history that pays tribute to the roles they played in modern technology and how people came to depend on them to hold every detail of their life

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A $2 Million Backyard Pool You Can Scuba Dive In

This $2 million pool features five waterfalls, a water slide, lazy river, grotto and a tunnel deep enough for scuba diving. Simply called ‘The Mountain’, the over-the-top pool is located in Springville, Utah. There’s also a full kitchen, change rooms and washrooms. The 140 ft long, 60 ft wide pool holds 360,000 gallons of water.

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Digital, Dynamic Make-Up Now Possible with Real-Time Face Tracking and Projections

Make-up can be a pain on photo shoots, can’t it? Well, imagine if you didn’t need make-up on a shoot to alter the look of a model’s skin. Now stop imagining, because it’s a reality, thanks to this interesting real-time face tracking and projection mapping technology.

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Parisian Rooftops | Michael Wolf

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Munich Architecture | Nick Frank

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Here’s Why We Need to Protect Public Libraries

We live in a “diverse and often fractious country,” writes Robert Dawson, but there are some things that unite us—among them, our love of libraries. “A locally governed and tax-supported system that dispenses knowledge and information for everyone throughout the country at no cost to its patrons is an astonishing thing,” the photographer writes in the introduction to his book, The Public Library: A Photographic Essay. “It is a shared commons of our ambitions, our dreams, our memories, our culture, and ourselves.”

But what do these places look like? Over the course of 18 years, Dawson found out. Inspired by “the long history of photographic survey projects,” he traveled thousands of miles and photographed hundreds of public libraries in nearly all 50 states. Looking at the photos, the conclusion is unavoidable: American libraries are as diverse as Americans. They’re large and small, old and new, urban and rural, and in poor and wealthy communities. Architecturally, they represent a range of styles, from the grand main branch of the New York Public Library to the humble trailer that serves as a library in Death Valley National Park, the hottest place on Earth. “Because they’re all locally funded, libraries reflect the communities they’re in,” Dawson said in an interview. “The diversity reflects who we are as a people.”

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44 Stunning Art Studios That Will Inspire You To Get Back To Work

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A Lifesize Dollhouse Built And Burned By Heather Benning

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Dirty Freight Trucks Become Canvases for Beautifully Detailed Drawings

For well over 10 years, British artist Ben Long has created public art using only his hands. Fingers act as a paintbrush as he produces elaborate drawings on the rear shutters of dirty freight trucks. They transform these large vehicles into mobile works of art, and Long has appropriately named his on-going series The Great Traveling Art Exhibition.

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Why Polaroid’s Cube Action Cam is Special

Shopping for an action camera is like shopping for adhesive bandages: you either buy Band-Aids … or you pick up something  called “Aid Plus Bandages” because they’re on sale. And when you bring them home, you just call them Band-Aids anyway.

The proverbial Band-Aid in the action cam market is GoPro, the unquestioned dominating power and perhaps the tastiest, too. There have been challengers but none have taken a particularly large share of the market.

It’s very likely that isn’t going to change, but Polaroid’s Cube — the latest new arrival to the action cam market for which pre-sales began Monday — is definitely the most interesting GoPro alternative to show up in years.

An early version of the Cube — then known as the much less interesting Polaroid C3 – first appeared at the Consumer Electronics Show back in January. Back then it was relatively uninteresting, a by-the-numbers action cam that happen to be cubical. And while the specs haven’t changed much in the intervening time, it got an extra megapixel (it now has six megapixels instead of five), the video was upgraded from 720p to 1080p, and the design got a nice facelift. Plus, the $100 price tag that’s been announced places it amongst the most affordable action cams.

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ESA’s Disposable Space Camera Will Record and Transmit Its Own Death Upon Re-Entry

The European Space Agency has designed a disposable piece of equipment affectionately referred to as the Break Up Camera. As you could expect from the name, the sole purpose of the camera is to capture it’s own death.

How will it capture its own death though? With the help of a dedicated Infrared camera, hooked up to a storage device that will be contained in a ceramic-shielded Reentry SatCom.

After the agency’s ATV–5 (Automated Transfer Vehicle) resupply ship takes its final journey to the space station, it will then make its way back into Earth’s atmosphere, carrying this Break Up Camera in its belly. Once the ATV–5 vehicle breaks up upon entry, the SatCom will immediately begin the recording and transferring of footage from the onboard infrared camera – not an easy task when falling at over 15,000 miles per hour.

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Serene Desolation: Hyper-Realistic Paintings by Rod Penner of Small Town America

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Photographer Nora Luther Turns Scrumptious Recipes into Colorful Photos of Floating Ingredients

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Solar Powered Charging Tables Installed in NYC’s Bryant Park

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Kickstarter Brings Interchangeable Lenses to the Raspberry Pi Camera with Fun DIY Kit

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