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How Bad Are Your Drinking Habits? An 18th-Century Temperance Thermometer Has the Verdict

How Bad Are Your Drinking Habits? An 18th-Century Temperance Thermometer Has the Verdict

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Old Retired Surfboards Get a New Life as Artwork Thanks to Artist Jarryn Dower

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Urban Landscapes — Taiwan Power Boxes | Isidro Ramirez

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David Zinn’s Quirky Chalk and Charcoal Characters on the Streets of Ann Arbor

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Hardcore Black and White GIFs By Mattis Dovier

Adorable Bull Terrier Stars in Owner’s Imaginative Illustrations

What do you get when you put together an illustrator, his Bull Terrier, and some white walls? An imaginative series of portraits starring the adorable pup, of course! Rafael Mantesso, who works as an editor-in-chief for a Brazilian gastronomy marketing website, has turned to Instagram to document his doodling adventures with his dog, Jimmy Choo (named by his ex-wife, who was a stylist).

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Artists Broomberg & Chanarin Cleverly Illustrate the Bible with Photos from the Archive of Modern Conflict

An award-winning book by London-based artists Adam Broomberg and Oliver ChanarinHoly Bible continues to resonate—more so with the world seeming to slide toward the brink of collapse.The book was a co-publication, out in 2013, by Mack Books and the Archive of Modern Conflict, and it’s a compelling combination of images pulled from the archive and “pasted” on pages that exactly mimic the King James Version of the Bible. In addition to images, Broomberg and Chanarin have underlined certain phrases on each page in red, in order to highlight some of the repeated phrases (“And it came to pass”) and associations between the images and words on the page. 

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4 year old Riley (aka Roozle) loves to draw herself to sleep each night. Her mom Casey Carey-Brown has taken these lovely photos of her after she has fallen asleep next to her drawings

Norman Rockwell’s Reference Photos For His Iconic Paintings Revealed

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Powerful Self-Portraits Reveal Artist’s Descent Into Alzheimer’s Disease

In 1995, at the age of 61, American artist William Utermohlen was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. In response to the illness, the London-based artist immediately began to paint an ambitious series of self-portraits. From the time of his diagnosis to 2000, when he was admitted to a nursing home, Utermohlen created a powerful documentation of his painful descent into dementia as a way to try to better understand his condition.

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Drawings of Ominous Objects Found in Hitchcock Murder Scenes by Martín Sichetti

Lauren King Draws What Lies Outside The Borders Of Vintage Photos

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Gaza Artist Turns Israeli Air Strike Smoke into Powerful Sketches

As the world looks on with horror at the growing civilian toll in Gaza, and Hamas and Israel consider the terms of a U.S.-proposed ceasefire, one young Palestinian architect is responding to the crisis through art. Gaza-based Tawfik Gebreel aims to send a message, in the “universal humanitarian language understood by all peoples of the world.” He is using photos of the smoke thrown up by rocket strikes and reworking the images with symbols of hope and unity.

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Real People Remake the Major Arcana Cards of the Tarot Deck

Dating back to the mid-15th century and still used today, tarot cards began as a card game and progressed to map mental and spiritual pathways for mystics and psychics. The Major Arcana (trump cards) are based on “elite ideology in the Italian courts of the 15th century,” which many modern mystics are unfamiliar with. In this fun project by Giulia Pex these cards are revisited, as real people reveal the personalities of each character. In her signature photography/illustration combo, she re-imagines the major arcana cards.

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Paintings by Donald Roller Wilson

Looking at these paintings will leave you scratching your head trying to make sense of them but they are nonetheless well executed and to read his statement about them is really hilarious.

Ok, upon viewing this body of current, transitional paintings, you will begin to experience an ever-increasing apparition, one usually occurring during passover, of the holy virgin—the imperial mother of the universe—appearing before the nut farm creatures, frequently in disguise as a house fly, or a general electric refrigerator which has become lodged in the top of a tall pecan tree—with her door open, the light on, giving support to a whole, spiral-cut, honey-roast picnic ham resting on her third shelf up from the bottom. And while the “apparition” scares the holy s—- out of most of the children – naughty betty, in her own way, understands the sightings, and becomes “semi-dangerously” activated, and motivated by them… 

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