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Mixed Media by Nick Gentry

New paintings on floppy disks which are considered obsolete media and no longer in use as well as portraits created out of vintage film negatives, x-rays, and microfilm. The result is an archaeological display of digital history that pays tribute to the roles they played in modern technology and how people came to depend on them to hold every detail of their life

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Colorful Collages for Opening Ceremony

New York-based photographer Eric T. White recently produced a series of photographs and photo-collages for Opening Ceremony—a global fashion brand with e-commerce, retail stores and in-house fashion lines—celebrating their collaboration with artisan florist Thierry Boutemy. White frequently incorporates collage into his work, and felt the technique could work well mixed in with the more straightforward fashion portraits. 

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Materials of the Artist: Mixed Media by Charles Bremer

Mixed media works combining photography, ink, paint, dye, and fine pigment mixed with wax. 

While my work foregrounds the body as its subject, my appreciation of life resides in the creative potential and small imaginative wonders of everyday things and people. Encaustic wax in my creative technique is a remarkable pleasure, not only does its beautiful aroma fill the air of the studio but the sensitivity of its touch penetrates my work with stability and optical clarity surpassing anything I have experienced before. While the wax requires extra care and respect as a sensitive medium, these values are ones I embrace and welcome to my field of art. This inert material from the architecture of honey bees has much to teach us about living connections, strength and impermanence.

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Michał Mozolewski’s Haunting Portraits of Paint-Veiled Subjects

Combining photography and painting, Polish-based artist Michał Mozolewski creates intriguing portraits of mysterious-looking subjects. Pictures of pictures of people are scanned into the computer and later remixed and using a variety of methods. They are set against dark backgrounds and the black and white base images have gestural strokes painted over top of them. The hues of white, cyan, and red don’t evenly cover the photographs and Mozolewski uses varying pressure that adds a sculptural element to the work by emphasizing certain features of the face or body.

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Mixed Media Collages by Zeren Badar

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Photographer George Christakis from Greece, has created a series of surreal and dreamlike photographs, by mixing photography and digital painting

Exploring the Natural World, Painted on Maps

Do you have old maps lying around your home? Why not utilize them as surfaces for art?Vancouver based Paul Morstad decided to use maps for his paintings of various animals from the natural world. Looking at maps as artifacts of human endeavor and an empirical grid to represent land, Morstad hopes to reveal the ambivalence and struggle in the cohabitation of humans and the natural world.

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A Photographer’s Nod to Matisse

For Daniel Gordon’s latest series “The Green Line,” the artist used photography and collage as tools to create works referenced from Matisse’s well-known 1905 portrait of his wife titled The Green Stripe (La Raie Verte).

“The title is a nickname for the painting because of the artificial shadow displayed as a line down the center of her face,” Gordon wrote via email.

To create each piece, Gordon sorts through photographic images found on the Internet, prints them, and builds 3-D tableaux he then shoots with an 8x10 view camera. He said he is inspired by not only Matisse’s art but also his philosophies.

“I’m interested in taking ideas that were radical in Matisse’s day (collapsing space through the blending of foreground and background, multiple angles viewed at the same time, and Fauvist color and expression, among others) and moving them into a contemporary photographic space,” Gordon wrote via email. “I suppose it’s a kind of physical version of Photoshop that’s playing with a big history and multiple mediums.”

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Best Before End 

The exhibition, “Best Before End,” by the British photographer Stephen Gill incorporates a number of photographic series that Gill made in and around the London Borough of Hackney over the past fourteen years. His processes include burying photographs, making exuberant flower collages, placing objects inside the camera so that their traces could be encapsulated within the film emulsion thus adding confusion of scale. Gill’s most recent series, entitled “Best Before End,” resulted from part processing negatives in energy drinks, bringing forth the most fantastic, abstract and vibrantly coloured works that somehow reflect the intensity of modern inner city life.

This exhibition opens at the Foam Gallery in Amsterdam May 17 and runs through July 14, 2013.


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Altered States of Reality

Popel Coumou has a multilayered view of reality—literally.

The Dutch photographer/multimedia artist uses collage as a way of expressing, and often altering, her idea of reality.

“I had an assignment to look for a two-dimensional image, to make it three-dimensional and then make it two-dimensional again,” said Coumou about how she began making the collages.

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Art Invades Life by BAKEA

Impressive series of illustrations by graphic designer from Madrid Juan Carlos Paz.  He takes photos and inserts some fabulous creatures into them.