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Bringing an Abandoned Canadian Town’s Houses Back Home With These Haunting

As the title suggests, Sarah Fuller’s project “The Forest of No Return” could be mistaken for a ghost story. That wouldn’t be entirely incorrect. The series, about the “return” of transported houses to their original setting in an abandoned gold rush town in Yukon does have many of the necessary pieces that help form a scary tale.

Even the techniques Fuller used to turn the photographs into a theatrical experience—once used by Louis Daguerre—helped to create a somewhat spooky environment.

“I think the photographs do have something eerie to them. I think it’s because they create an effect of human presence but they aren’t real,” Fuller said about the work.

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Teenage Boy Comically Remakes Female Celebrity Fashion Looks

New Zealand high school student Liam Martin has created quite the buzz with his Instagram account (@waverider_), where he has currently amassed over 1.5 million followers due to his humorous recreation of memes, and more popularly and recently, fashion photographs of female celebrities (and the occasional cartoon). 

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Colorful Collages for Opening Ceremony

New York-based photographer Eric T. White recently produced a series of photographs and photo-collages for Opening Ceremony—a global fashion brand with e-commerce, retail stores and in-house fashion lines—celebrating their collaboration with artisan florist Thierry Boutemy. White frequently incorporates collage into his work, and felt the technique could work well mixed in with the more straightforward fashion portraits. 

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New Conceptual Fine Art Photography from Oleg Oprisco

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How Asian Families Learn to Welcome a LGBTQ Child’s Partner

While LGBTQ rights advocates continue to make strides across the country, many LGBTQ individuals still struggle for acceptance within their own families. A recent exhibition, “Our Portraits, Our Families,” at the Museum of Chinese in America, presented by the arts and advocacy group the Asian Pride Project, addressed this situation among Asian and Pacific Islander families by presenting their stories through photography. “If we want to change the culture of homophobia in Asian communities we have to help families process the coming out. There’s not a lot of information out there though and a lot of API families are immigrant families, so they don’t have the language for it. They’re not used to exposing their issues to other people,” said Aries Liao, the founder of the Asian Pride Project. “We thought the Asian Pride Project would give them access and it might help so parents can feel there’s a community out there, that there are faces with which they can identify.”

The project began when the Asian Pride Project put out a call for submissions for a public collection of photos of LGBTQ API families, some of which were included in the exhibition. At the same time, it asked those who submitted to indicate whether they’d be willing to be photographed by one of five professional photographers selected by committee. Turnout was lower than expected, but the organization was ultimately able to select five families representing a range of experiences, including people from many parts of Asia and different aspects of the LGBTQ spectrum.

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Found some old scans of Polaroids on my computer that I took during my first road trip through California. I need to break out the ol’ Polaroid camera again. 

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Sea Horse | Kurt Arrigo

Sea Horse | Kurt Arrigo

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Viddy: The ‘World’s Cutest’ Medium Format and 35mm DIY Pinhole Camera

DIY paper pinhole cameras aren’t a new idea, but a new creation called Viddy thinks it can stand head and shoulders above the crowd by sheer ‘cuteness.’ Seriously, the camera has dubbed itself the ‘world’s cutest’ medium format and 35mm pinhole camera, and it’s so easy to put together, it might even entice some newbies to give pinhole photography a shot.

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30 Country Timelapse Tour of Europe

One family, 2 cameras, 30 countries, 60 flights, 1000+ timelapse videos, 200,000+ images and almost 20 terabytes of data. An amazing compilation of timelapse videos shot over the last two years by Stan Chang while travelling Europe with his wife and son. (Via.)

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Tokyo Parrots | Yoshinori Mizutani

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Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

The late Jack Leigh may be most remembered for his image, “Midnight,” a 1993 photograph of a sculpture called “Bird Girl” in Savannah, Georgia’s Bonaventure Cemetery. The image was a commissioned for the cover of author John Berendt’s novel, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. But Leigh’s career stretches beyond the single image. “Jack Leigh: Full Circle, Low Country Photographs, 1972-2004,” at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Museum of Art celebrates his legacy. 

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The Ballerina Project

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Vitaliy and Elena Vasilieva Visualize an Architectural Apocalypse

Ukrainian photographers Vitaliy and Elena Vasilieva have visualized ‘apocalypse in art’, a series which builds upon the morbid and wide-sweeping contemporary fascination in catastrophe and disaster, particularly theories regarding the end of the world. The spirit of Armageddon ‘holds sway over modern culture and slowly infects everything around us’ describes the artists ‘how will this virus affect art? will there still be a place for an art in society?’

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Photographing on the Ground in Gaza

Sergey Ponomarev, 33, is a freelance photographer covering the conflict in Gaza on assignment for The New York Times. He grew up in Moscow and Ireland and has previously worked for The Associated Press. He spoke to James Estrin from Gaza City on Saturday evening. The conversation has been edited.

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