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Creative Bicyclist Takes Artistic Photos Around Tokyo

Tokyo Instagrammer Mamoru Kanai has always been good at riding bicycles, and he creatively shows off his skills in the ongoing series titled Riding Pop. The entire thing appears on Instagram under his username @mamotoraman, and it features him performing one-wheeled bicycle tricks in front of various Tokyo locales. Kanai’s stunts include “wheelies” (standing on the back wheel) and “stoppies” (standing on the front wheel).

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Touristing Americans and Their Vehicles in Yellowstone National Park

Madison, WI, photographer Lewis Koch explores humans’ relationship with nature in one of the places that’s got to be richest for this type of photography–Yellowstone National Park. I appreciate the sentiment that much of this incredible place was razed and reshaped simply so that it could be visited by people en masse, their giant recreational vehicles parked on the pavement in what used to be majestic, untouched wilderness, but I also get a kick out of the tourist culture evident in the project. Our modes for transport into the wild are covered in pictures of that wild; a bison trudges along on the road in between cars, a perfect example of humans’ interference with its habitat, while the drivers keep driving, looking for a more wondrous wonder.

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Inquisitive Bull Photobombs Couple’s Wedding Photos

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Robin Schwartz Magical Photographs Of Her Daughter With Animals Spanning 12 Years

Hand Colored Photographs of Japan in the 1880s

In today’s world we can access photos instantly from almost every part of the planet, but almost 130 years ago, photos weren’t nearly as commonplace. It’s no surprise then, that images that were seen from other locations around the world shaped global perceptions and even identity. One such example was the collection of Italian photographer Adolfo Farsari and his series on the fascinating nation of Japan.

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Stunning Images of Maasai Warriors by Lee Howell

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Sewn Collages by Jose Romussi

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Competitive Animals and the People Who Handle Them

The first time Toby Coulson saw an animal show—a competition where breeders show off their best specimens and judges “examine each paw, claw, beak, and ear looking for the animal with the perfect dimensions”—he was struck by the people in white coats who handled the animals.

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Portraits Capture Civil War Re-Enactors Feigning Death

Last year marked the 150th anniversary of Gettysburg, a notable and significant battle in the American Civil War. Some 10,000 individuals participated in the official Gettysburg Battle Re-enactment, the annual event where men and women dress up as opposing sides to recreate the fateful day. Re-enactment is a strangely prolific hobby, the many participants taking their role quite seriously as they pretend to be soldiers in horrific battles from long ago. Photographer Eliot Dudik captures these volunteer actors as they lie sprawled out upon the battlefield, feigning death to honor the dead in Still Lives.

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Surreal Portraits by Aisha Zeijpvelds

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Davis Ayer’s Dreamy And Nostalgic Photographs Of Women In Desolate Lands

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People of the Twenty-First Century

Over the course of the last 20 years, Dutch conceptual artist and street photographer Hans Eijkelboom documented fashion trends worn by people in New York, Paris, Amsterdam and Shanghai. The images, laid out into grids, are compiled into one comprehensive book, Hans Eijkelboom: People of the Twenty-First Century (Phaidon Press, 2014). 

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Photographer Gives Glimpse Inside The Barges Floating Across Our Planet’s Waters

Barges crawl across our oceans and rivers like dark, anonymous sea monsters, hiding their contents behind mammoth walls. From a distance, we can only wonder what’s contained inside, making its way from one land mass to another. Meanwhile, the birds — and perhaps eagle-eyed plane passengers — have a clear line of sight into the uncovered watercrafts.

Hungarian photographer Gyula Sopronyi must have been envious of the birds’ views, or just plain curious as to what lies behind the barges’ walls. His anxiety-inducing photographers peer inside the slow-moving boats, capturing the mesmerizing loads of people and objects that dwell upon their decks.

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Richard Gaston

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The Wild Birds of Australia

When Sydney-based photographer Leila Jeffreys was a child, she was surrounded by wildlife of all sorts growing up in Papua New Guinea, Australia, and India. While living in Australia, she and her father would often come across birds and other wildlife which they would rescue and nurse back to health before re-releasing them into the wild.

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