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Mothers and Children by Ken Heyman

These Groomsman Photos Are What You Get When You Go Crazy with Photoshop and Imagination

Photoshopped fantasy wedding photos have gotten quite trendy over the past couple of years, and often involve the wedding party running away from large and scary things (e.g.dinosaurs and AT-ATs). Louisville, Kentucky-based wedding photographer Shane Elliottrecently took the concept to the next level with a set of wacky groomsman photos.

In addition to standard wedding photos, Joe (the groom) and his groomsmen also had some “fun and silly ideas” in mind: Darth Vader applying his trademark force choke, George Washington crossing the Delaware, and an intense anime-style fight scene.

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Welcome to Syden: Portraits of Norwegians Enjoying Their Offbeat Vacations

To foreigners, Syden sounds like a fantasy holiday destination accessible only to Norwegians, and it kind of is. In Norway, the word Syden is often referenced in lieu of certain European, Asian, African, and South American cities with a warm climate, mainly in or near the Mediterranean. From season to season, the exact locations of Syden may change as certain places go in and out of fashion. For his book Southbound, photographer Knut Egil Wang explores the nuances of these unidentifiable, transient havens, shooting in such hot spots as Gran Canaria, Mallorca, Murcia, and Torrevieja in Spain, Ayia Napa and Larnaca in Cyprus, Side and Alanya in Turkey, and Krabi in Thailand.

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Mixed Media by Nick Gentry

New paintings on floppy disks which are considered obsolete media and no longer in use as well as portraits created out of vintage film negatives, x-rays, and microfilm. The result is an archaeological display of digital history that pays tribute to the roles they played in modern technology and how people came to depend on them to hold every detail of their life

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Sur La Route: Bicycles in Burkina Faso

In a traditional brick house on the edge of Bereba village in Burkina Faso, photographer David Pace spends 8-10 weeks every fall photographing various aspects of the community. The house is located along a dirt path where these portraits of local residents, most of them on their bicycles, were photographed. Pace, who’s been shooting his “Sur La Route” series since 2009, says the bicycle is the most common form of transportation there, and on any given evening 25-30 may pass by. All of the images in this series were taken between 5:30–6:15 pm during what he calls a “magic” 45 minutes, with a Canon 5D Mark III, a Canon 580 EX II flash unit and a Quantum Turbo SC powerpack.

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The Ultimate Big Brother: Images of a Small, Midwest Community Captured Through Their Own Security Camera

Some one is always watching. Whether built into an ATM or mounted alongside intersection lights to catch traffic violators, surveillance cameras have become a ubiquitous presence in contemporary society. Andrew Hammerand explores notions of privacy, security and anonymity in his series The New Town. Accessing a publicly available, networked CCTV camera installed atop a church, Hammerand becomes the ultimate Big Brother, using the device to capture fuzzy images of a small Midwest community and its unsuspecting townspeople. 

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I thought this was a cool concept. Portraits of photographers holding their most famous photographs. And these portraits were shot on a 20x24 Polaroid camera, so the prints are super large straight out of the camera.

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Striking Photos Showcase the Elegant Beauty of Big Cats

Using only a simple, dark background, Vincent J. Musi captures the elegance of lions, leopards, tigers, and more. The South Carolina-based photographer works for National Geographic and shot these breathtaking images as part of a series titled Big Cats. His photos showcase incredible, up-close details that we don’t often see, like the individual hairs, whiskers, and terrifying-looking teeth of these large animals.

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Fighting for a Pittance: Thai Child Boxing | Sandra Hoyn

Porn without Sex: Hilarious Images from the Opening Scenes of Adult Movies

Pornography films are notorious for their predictable opening scenes, composed of a few awkward and cheesy moments that establish a backstory for a naughty encounter. Setting the stage for on-screen sex, these absurd performances go largely forgotten, but what would they look like pulled from their salacious context?

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Judy Miller’s Imaginary Dioramas Place Celebrities In Strange And Absurd Situations

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Selfie Stick’ Takes Rooftopping Self-Portraits to the Next Level of Crazy

Selfie Stick’ Takes Rooftopping Self-Portraits to the Next Level of Crazy

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Rene Mesman

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Pasung: Punished by the Gods | Christian Werner

Bali is a tropical vacation paradise. It hosts 3+ million foreign visitors per year. In 2010, the magazine Travel and Leisure named it the Best Island in the World. But there is a dark side to Bali that few tourists ever see. People with mental illness are chained and locked up by their family members, often in shocking conditions. 

From a total population of 253 million, approximately 20 million people in Indonesia have mental illness. Because mental illness remains associated with evil—or even demon possession—the sick are chained and kept deep in the jungle or forest, far away from human contact.

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Jewels | Miki Hasegawa

My latest work explores the idea of maternal love. Is maternal love something all women possess? Do all women display maternal love when they bear a child? My maternal love changes its face ever minute. Sometimes it shows warm and selfless love—and then quickly changes to cold and possessing obsession. 

What is maternal love all about? When my daughter was sleeping, it was my daily routine to check often to make sure that she was breathing. The fear of losing her haunted me persistently. 

Perhaps it’s because of my difficult pregnancy. I experienced bleeding during the eighth week of my pregnancy, was hospitalized three times, and was eventually strapped to bed for ten months. She was delivered by Caesarean section. I never saw the umbilical cord that connected me to my daughter. 

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